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WHY, OH, YOU. [11 Jul 2005|08:13pm]

[ mood | full ]

comments? blah blah...anything else?

why, oh, you

slish-slash through my chest
past the ribs, where my heart should rest
you may not understand
but the knife in your hand
indicates this is no jest.

jealously embeds its disease
into my bones and heart where it feeds
i can't let her know
that these feelings persist to grow
like a vast expanse of weeds

i shan't loathe you for your ways
you know not what you're doing to me
you can't comprehend
for you know not who i am
not even a footnote in your story.

but i know you. more than you suppose.
i've known and hated you since this time last month.
im disgusted with these words
because it's me i should resent
though, these feelings cannot subside.

your indirect actions show your impassiveness
your so-called immaculate thoughts
scampering around in your so-called mind.
mind your melodramatic ways.
the way you watch a worm writhe
you watch me with your wicked eyes.
eyes that i cannot accept
no exceptions. this is no accident.
you're an accessory to infirmity
informing your "people" of your inhuman knack
your knowledge of falsification.
don't falter on your way to your victory.
being vain, you feel vliant and sure.
be sure to send me a card and a
care-package bursting at the seams with satisfaction
sealed with scrapings of my heart
and a hallmark greeting to graze
your greedy spirit. sent as a souvenir
meant to sit, sparkling, at the foot of my bed
basking in the moonlight as memories
come to mind of my beloved.

-sincerely me
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Adopt-A-Best-Friend [28 Jun 2005|07:47pm]

[ mood | joinnn ]

Hello everyone,

I'd like to disclaim a thing or two before I proceed-- I do not intend this to be 'spam' or whatever. And if you're going to convince yourself that it is-- then you can go crap your pants.

Anyhow, I've created a nice little Yahoo Group called Adopt-A-Best-Friend,

The basic premise of the group is that we're all best friends!!! That is not to say that we all knew eachother before joining; when you join, you are thereby the best friend of everyone in the group. Sound special? You bet it is.

I just thought at that least someone in this group would perhaps/possibly/maybe like to join, or at least go and see what it's like?

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Rules and Such. [01 Jul 2004|01:11am]

Alright I'm very dis-organized and realized that I have no rules or guidelines set down for this community.  Alright so the rules are thus::
1.)  Don't judge people by there opinions.
2.)  Be honest but not to brutal
3.)  Introduce yourself freely.
4.)  Be opinionated. . .but not to harshly
5.)  Express yourself.
6.)  Be yourself
7.) Dun tipe lyk dis
8.)  Overall don't be an asshole and enjoy yourself.

That will be all for now. . . No you don't have to be a poet to join. . .but don't really knock someones poetry. . .unless you are willing to write something and put it up. . .offer criticism but not the cruel kind. . .alright*bows and walks off*

oh yes I shall introduce myself while I'm here.  The name is Brynn. . .here to help all the info about messengers and such are in my profile so if you need to talk I'm usually on.  Alright thats all now. . *bows and curtsies*

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The Loner Group Intro. [17 Jun 2004|12:36pm]

Decided to change the mood of the community. You come here put your poetry up and it will be rated but in order to comment on someones poetry and be taken seriously you must put some of your own up. That wil be all . . .Thanks

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