. (rainb0w_raider) wrote in lonergroup,

Rules and Such.

Alright I'm very dis-organized and realized that I have no rules or guidelines set down for this community.  Alright so the rules are thus::
1.)  Don't judge people by there opinions.
2.)  Be honest but not to brutal
3.)  Introduce yourself freely.
4.)  Be opinionated. . .but not to harshly
5.)  Express yourself.
6.)  Be yourself
7.) Dun tipe lyk dis
8.)  Overall don't be an asshole and enjoy yourself.

That will be all for now. . . No you don't have to be a poet to join. . .but don't really knock someones poetry. . .unless you are willing to write something and put it up. . .offer criticism but not the cruel kind. . .alright*bows and walks off*

oh yes I shall introduce myself while I'm here.  The name is Brynn. . .here to help all the info about messengers and such are in my profile so if you need to talk I'm usually on.  Alright thats all now. . *bows and curtsies*

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i am a loner and it sucks.
being a loner sucks. ..loner by choice or just happens?
just happens
I like to write and i am a friend of the dark and a loner to the world. Am i welcome here?